Reconstructing Analytical Virtual Reality about your Customer’s Journey Using Data Fusion Process


“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”  Albert Einstein

Data fusion is to integrate multiple data and knowledge of the same real-world activities into a consistent, accurate, and useful representation. The ultimate goal of data fusion is to establish the set of observations or measurements that are generated by the same customer over time. The expectation is that fused data are more informative and synthetic than the original inputs.

There are some differences between data integration and data fusion. Data integration is used to describe the combining of data, whereas data fusion is integration followed by reduction or replacement. Data integration might be viewed as set combination wherein the larger set is retained, whereas data fusion is a set reduction technique with improved confidence.

At Precision Analytica, the first step of our project engagement is to work with our clients to understand how their data were generated by their customers at each point of the journey. Based on this knowledge, we will help our clients to fuse the meaningful customer journey data together to reconstruct an Analytical Virtual Reality database using our proprietary DataFusion™ analytics (DFA) platform.

Our Approach

  1. Reconstructing analytical virtual reality about your customer’s journey using data fusion process
  2. Building bridges from available information to future customer behaviors using predictive modeling
  3. Minimizing risks by making robust decisions