Case Studies


Improve Multi-channel Marketing Effectiveness Using Customer Touch Point Optimization

Situation/Challenges Multi-channel marketing is playing an increasing role in healthcare industry which historically has been dominated by personal promotions. With so many digital properties to choose from for a typical campaign and with increasing budget pressure, brand team would like to know what’s the best promotional channel mix for their brands? Approach/Solutions Traditional marketing mix […]

Informed Media Planning for Direct To Consumer Campaign

Situation/Challenges Facing with increasing budget pressure, CMO at a major biopharma company asked a brand team to improve their DTC efficiency. Almost 50% promotional budget for this brand was allocated to the DTC campaign. The campaign was doing well. How can the brand team make significant DTC budget cut without sacrificing brand performance? Approach/Solutions To quantify […]

Looking for a Pattern Amid of the Noise: Project Underlying Product Demand

Situation/Challenges The sales of a key brand, accounts for about 50% of total revenue for a Biotech company, was suddenly experiencing slow down after many years’ steady growth. Demand forecast for rest of fiscal year were revised multiple times during the first few months. Senior management would like to know what’s the main reason for the […]

Accelerate Product Adoption with Effective Customer Specific Offers

Situation/Challenges  A Fortune 100 healthcare company struggled in launching an innovative products with a better profile in a market dominated by an entrenched player. Most key customers had established long term relationship and financial contracts with the incumbent.  To break the barrier, sales team was going to provide counter offers to all customers based on field intelligence. […]