Improve Multi-channel Marketing Effectiveness Using Customer Touch Point Optimization


Multi-channel marketing is playing an increasing role in healthcare industry which historically has been dominated by personal promotions. With so many digital properties to choose from for a typical campaign and with increasing budget pressure, brand team would like to know what’s the best promotional channel mix for their brands?


Traditional marketing mix analysis provides high level strategic recommendations for big ticket items. However, with OLAP type data processing and analysis, most customer level real time interaction intricacies were lost. We took an unique data fusion process by preserving the timing dimension of each customer interaction with the multi-channel promotions. Instead of looking at a game of reach and frequency, we built predictive models based on each customer’s unique touch point pathway to identify most productive sequencing. With large sample size, the model generated tremendous actionable insights for the brand team.


Brand team was able to convince their management to shift more resources to multi-channel marketing activities. Much higher ROIs were achieved as a result of this new way of deploying promotion efforts.