Informed Media Planning for Direct To Consumer Campaign

informed mediaSituation/Challenges

Facing with increasing budget pressure, CMO at a major biopharma company asked a brand team to improve their DTC efficiency. Almost 50% promotional budget for this brand was allocated to the DTC campaign. The campaign was doing well. How can the brand team make significant DTC budget cut without sacrificing brand performance?


To quantify the ‘dose-response’ of DTC campaign, we first designed a TV media experiment with varying degrees of media exposure for different geo-zones.  We fused TV viewing data with medical claim data for each individual household to recreating individual patient journey. A set of predictive models were built to identify the relative impact of key variables, e.g., reach/freq, daypart, program, genres, and demographics, etc. We also overlay personal promotion efforts to the equation in the simulations.


For this specific audience, we discovered an optimal media mix to maintain current brand momentum with a 20% reduction in DTC budget. Additional insights on best promotion mix were also generated to help improve overall brand promotional efficiency.